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Five Biggest Remodeling Mistakes

The following is an overview of some of the most common mistakes to avoid when performing a renovation project for your home.

Design Exceeds Budget

Design plans are often much more expensive than what your budget allowed.  It is far too late in the process to find this at the contractor bid stage.  Don’t rely on your architect to give you an accurate cost assessment. A qualified general contractor should be able to provide a preliminary cost budget at the end of the design development stage.  At this point the architect can proceed with drawing full construction details or scale back the design if preliminary costs exceed your budget.

Incomplete Remodeling Plans

Your remodeling plans should be finalized before the project begins. If not, you may add extra cost to your job unwillingly and the end result may not look uniform. Also, when you bid the project out make sure that all the contractors receive the same plans and specifications, otherwise the bids you receive will all be different and you may not end up with the best cost estimate.

Poor Customer/Contractor Communication

No question is ever a bad one.  Don’t assume that the contractor has seen a potential problem if you do, always speak up. Scheduled walk throughs at critical stages will insure accuracy and meeting all expectations.  Having good communication with your contractor is key to keeping any surprises from getting out of hand.

Not Preparing for the Unexpected

When remodeling a home there are a large amount of factors involved. There will most likely be a surprise or two along the way.  Change orders are a very normal and real aspect of all construction projects. Whether they are due to unforeseen issues or simply a customer directed modification to plan or product they do happen.  Studies have shown that costs for typical change orders often average 5% of total construction cost.

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